These “Terms and Conditions” are subject to change at any time.  There is also a Code of Conduct that is associated with this agreement.  Both of these agreements can be found online and in writing at the Camp.


Our agreement with you


  1. Prices for your stay and what that includes:

140RON per night for a cabin (for 3 people)

270RON per night for an apartment (6 people)


These prices include:

i.      Use of accommodation for maximum people indicated in the description (3 persons for 6 persons for house and apartment)

ii.      Linens

iii.      Use of showers during specified hours (see signs on shower block for details)


  1. Safety of personal belongings

i.      Personal belongings are your responsibility during your stay.

ii.      A minimum level of security is offered for any vehicle parked on our property. You are asked to keep your car locked and take all belongings with you from the parking lot.

iii.      We do not accept responsibility for accidents, loss or damage to personal belongings.


3. Check-in

Accommodation will be available from approximately 15:00.


4. Check-out

You must vacate your room by 12:00 on day of departure. Please return the key and the questionnaire at reception when you leave.


Important – please take note:


5. Terms of this agreement

Our agreement with you includes you as a leader and all members of your party, including children and visitors for the day. You must ensure that all members are aware of, and accept the terms of, this agreement. This agreement begins when the agreement is made and ends when the last member of the group leaves camp.


6. Personal details

We have the right to have the name, age, address and gender of each member of the group before confirming registration or at any time. Failure to provide us with full details for each person in your group before arrival can cause delay or denial of access to the camp.


7. Adhering to terms and regulations

We have the right to cancel your registration or to politely ask yourself or your group to leave the camp immediately, without compensation or refund, if you or any of the group members have not adhered to this agreement, especially when our code of conduct has not been complied with. (Please see our code of conduct for further details)


8. Age limit and responsibility

You must be over 21 years to make a booking and there must be at least one capable and responsible adult over the age of 21 years for each accommodation unit. You are responsible for the behavior of all the members of your group, especially those who are under 21 years of age.


9. Child/adult ratio

You cannot have an accommodation unit where most people are between 17 and 21 years old, without having enough capable and responsible adults over 21 years in each unit. You must agree the adult/child ration that we have expressed.


10. Changes in number of members or accommodation

The number of members in your group and the distribution of guests in each accommodation unit must remain the same as agreed on arrival throughout your entire stay.


11. Maximum number of guests

Maximum number of guests in each accommodation unit must not exceed 3 guests in a cabin and 6 people in an apartment. If there is any breach of this clause you may be asked to leave the campsite without any refund, or (at our discretion) to move additional guests to other accommodation where we will charge you or them the full price for a cabin/apartment from the date the original group arrived.


12. Prohibited items

You cannot bring or use any shotgun, knife, firearms, air guns, shooting equipment, fireworks, illegal substances or the like in any form at our camping.


13. Our goals and expectations

Our goal is to provide a relaxing break for families in a natural environment. To ensure maximum enjoyment of your holiday and that of all our guests, please comply with all requirements and our agreement with you, but pay special attention to the following paragraphs and other information displayed in the camp:


 i) Accommodation

It is expected of you to use the cabins and apartments, and all that they contain carefully and to leave them clean and tidy on departure. We reserve the right to ask you to pay for extra cleaning, missing items or any damage.


We reserve the right to enter the cabins or apartments at any time for any reasonable purpose (e.g. to make checks or inspections for essential maintenance work, or to carry out maintenance work, cleaning or repairs)


ii) Behaviour in accordance with this agreement

Your behavior must not be excessively noisy or disruptive, especially at night. Offensive, drunk or illegal behavior will not be tolerated and could result in police involvement and/or request to leave the camp. We do not accept offensive language or offensive or aggressive behavior toward staff or other guests. We may ask you and/or other members of your group to leave immediately if your behavior is deemed inappropriate; likely to cause harm or endanger the pleasure, comfort or safety of your neighbours or other guests, staff or the general public and in our opinion violates any of our agreements with you. No refund or compensation will be given in these circumstances and we reserve the right not to accept any future booking from you or any of your group members.


iii) Supervision of children and parental responsibilities

You are responsible for monitoring all members of your group under the age of 21 years. This is particularly important in children’s playgrounds, in the restaurant, near the lake and in sports areas.


iv) Our right to compensation

By registering you agree that we may during your stay or after you leave to retrieve from you and/or any of the group members costs for:

a) any compensation you need to pay others, including our guests, and/or

b) any damage to property or accommodation, and/or

c) any other charges or fees that we may have resulting from action or inaction     by you or some of your group members and the failure of keeping our agreement.


v) Identification

To register and before you can access the cabins we have to complete the registration process. We will need a copy of an identity card or passport of each person who is in the camp.


vi) Safety

Tauţ lake is not our property. If you decide you want to swim in the lake, you do so at your own risk.


vii) Grills, open fires and fire hazards

Grills and open fires are not allowed in or around cabins or apartments. There are places for barbecues in the uppermost part of the camp. To comply with fire safety regulations it must be supervised by staff and all the grills and open fires must be agreed in advance with staff, and should be put out before midnight (24:00).


Take great care not to do anything which might cause fire.


Fireworks cannot be made and/or used in camp.


viii) Smoking policy

Smoking is not allowed in cabins, apartments, the restaurant and other buildings in the camp. Please use designated smoking areas as marked on the camp map.


ix) General

Do not attempt to enter or use the facilities that are closed.


14. Our agreement is governed by Romanian law


15. Liability

In all cases our liability for all claims arising during your stay is limited to the cost of registration. We will not be responsible for any problems resulting from unforeseeable events which are beyond our control.


16. Contact details for comments and complaints

Any issue that was not resolved during your stay should be sent in writing to:

Guest Services, NetWorks, Str Regiment 85 Infanterie nr 1831, Apt 13, Parter, Şiria, Jud. Arad, Romania within 28 days of your departure date.  In such cases, we will correspond only with the person named on the record.