Come and volunteer at Tauț Holiday Village! Surrounded by hills and woods, you will have the opportunity to enjoy it all, whilst working in areas that best suit your skills and liking.

Tauţ ( Tauts) is located up in the hills, between Cigherului Hills and Zărandului Mountains, at around 300 m altitude, in Arad county, Romania.

It is called a “village” because it is made up of 25 cabins, 2 bungalows, a restaurant and a number of other buildings which are used for a variety of purposes (including the „Grajd” which we use for meetings). That means it is quite a large place to run, even with full time employed staff.

Check out this video and fall in love with the place!

We like to believe that it is the perfect place for family retreats, youth and children’s camps.

We are looking for energetic volunteers who love nature and like spending time outdoors, and at the same time enjoy working in one or more of these areas: hospitality, maintenance, construction, grounds, kitchen, etc. No formal qualifications are required, but if you do have any, that’s great!

If you would like to volunteer this summer, and for further details please write to us at: